About Company

 Kindi’s story began in early 2017 with our founder and project initiator’s decision to bring his affection to sweet world of confectionary.


  1. Coordination and establishment of a loan for building a confectionery factory;
  2. Coordination of the project of the factory with the developer’s company and approval with the relevant ones;
    Government agencies of the brand "KINDI";
  3. Start laying the foundation of the factory.;
  4. Installation of equipment and equipment; departments of the enterprise and the general range of the KINDI brand are formed;
  5. Pre-commissioning and first production;
  6. Purchase of raw materials and auxiliary goods;
    Opening ceremony with high-ranking guests and the first continuous production;


  1. Our goal is to be the flagship for the production of clean, healthy food.
  2. When developing our confectionery products, our priority is the joy and health of our consumers.
  3. In production we use the latest technologies and innovative developments from around the world, which allow us to produce exactly those products that our consumers expect.
  4. Having the goal to be a leader in the production of confectionery products, our company responsibly conducts its business honestly and openly, with respect and understanding, applies to all consumers, partners and competitors.